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Print Critique Group (2:00 PM EST)
Intended for print photographers,  you are invited to join a small group of club members who gather in an informal setting via Zoom to show a few of their photographs and receive constructive feedback from fellow photographers. The meeting takes place once a month in a virtual setting in small groups so photographers can share their images and discuss their vision. This is a gentle and fun atmosphere that promotes friendship and learning for members only. Let Jim Samanen know if you would like to attend and he will coordinate groups and sign-in instructions. You can email Jim at
Peter Hewitt - The Art of Printing
Fine art prints are the yardstick by which critics measure our craft. The only way to truly judge the quality of an image is through the creativity and effort that generates a fine art print. They are permanent and can stop people in their tracks. Peter will share practical considerations over a range of topics that he has learned over both common and difficult printing issues. Color management. How your eyes and brain might not be seeing what you think you are looking at on your monitor. How to choose the right fine art papers. What’s wrong with my printer? And what do you need to worry about to develop a non-destructive image editing and printing workflow to preserve image quality from start to finish and print what you envisioned. Biography: After a successful 30-year career as a scientist, inventor, author and program manager in the molecular diagnostics industry, Peter decided to channel his creative energies into art. He has chosen photography as his means of expression. The digital world of photography appeals to Peter because of the immediacy and flexibility of being able to make a wide variety of both creative and technical adjustments with “real-time” feedback from his tools in the field. Peter especially enjoys printing his images because as John Sexton has so beautifully stated: “…it’s the magic that can b exciting, disappointing, rewarding and frustrating.  For more information, please go to
How to Use Textures in Post-Processing with Anita Bower (2:00 PM EST)
CCCC member Anita Bower will show us how she adds textures to her images in post-processing to add artistic visual interest. Adding a texture to an image is a fun way to alter the image’s look and feel. In this webinar Anita will demonstrate step-by-step how to apply textures to photographs and how to use blend modes, opacity and masking to create different effects. Anita primarily uses Photoshop, but will also show how to work in Topaz Studio. It is easy and fun. This will be an interactive session that will include live demonstrations and attendees will have ample opportunity to ask questions. Please rsvp to Workshop Coordinator Jim Wilson if you wish to join the workshop.  You will receive a zoom invitation a few days before the presentation. And be sure to check out some of Anita's amazing images on her aminus3 website.
Mentor Meeting - Astro Photography and Digital Image Critique (7:00 PM EST)
Svenne Juul will share some basics and tips on astro photography.  Then there will be a digital image critique, and Mentees are invited to submit an image to share and receive gentle feedback and suggestions.   There will also be time for general questions and discussion on other topics.  The objective of the mentor/mentee  program is to help members to enjoy using their camera and post-processing programs in a stress free environment.    A team of experienced friendly photographers will be available to answer any questions mentees may have. This is a members-only event. If interested in participating, mentees (those who want to learn) should email Mike Keba at  Mentors (those interested in teaching) should email Buzz Mossholder at
Club Outing - Hopewell Furnace National Historic Site (2:30 PM EST)
Hopewell Furnace showcases an early American industrial landscape. Operating from 1771-1883, Hopewell and other "iron plantations" laid the foundation for the transformation of the United States into an industrial giant. The park's 848 acres and historic structures illustrate the business, technology and lifestyle of our growing nation. The different structures offer many photographic opportunities in an un-crowded setting. Due to the covid-19 pandemic no indoor spaces are accessible. The visitor center is also closed. Restrooms are open. For car navigation aim for the 'Hopewell Furnace Visitors Center' . We will meet in the main parking lot (adjacent to the visitors center). Address: 2 Mark Bird Ln, Elverson, PA 19520

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