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June 2017

June 2017

Summer Challenge begins
It’s time again for CCCC members to have some summer camera fun.  This year Anita and Stephanie are trying to live up to the high standards of creativity set by Pat and Mary.  We have come up with a theme that we think will challenge your photographic creativity over the summer months. The purpose of the Summer Challenge is to have fun, be creative, try new things, share our photos without fear of critiques, get together with other Club members for two outings (which include eating out) and a summer-end pot luck where we eat delicious food, see and praise all the photos, and laugh a lot.  The Summer Challenge is a good way to get to know Club members. We will be supplying you with a list of 20 adjectives, of which we suggest you choose 15.  One of these should include a selfie.  Your photos will reflect your personal interpretation of each adjective.  It can be silly or serious, artistic or a snapshot.  There is no right or wrong.  Just Bob will create a gallery for each adjective.  You will be able to post your images in the appropriate gallery the same way you post images for the competitions or outings. If you would like to join in on the summer phone contact Stephanie Vacek  at steph.rabbitsrun-at-gmail.com.  On June 1st we will send you the entire list of adjectives, as well as instructions for posting and a schedule of outings. Any questions can be directed to Stephanie Vacek at steph.rabbitsrun-at-gmail.com, or Anita Bower  anita.bower-at-yahoo.com. delete
Spring Bus Trip: Baltimore inner harbor, Annapolis and the US Naval Academy (8:00 AM EDT)
We will spend the day in three picturesque and historic American waterfront locations: the inner harbor at Baltimore, the grounds of the US Naval Academy at Annapolis Maryland, and the beautiful seaside harbor town of Annapolis itself. Our Krapf’s motor coach will pick us up at Stetson Middle School in West Chester and take us first to the inner harbor of Baltimore, where we’ll spend an hour or two photographing this restored and vibrant inner-city location. Ships at anchor here include the USS Constellation, the Lightship Chesapeake and a WWII-era submarine. Then we’re back on the bus to Annapolis where we’ll get off at the US Naval Academy visitors center. A private tour has been arranged for the grounds, where we’ll visit several of the historic buildings, monuments, drill yards, the Chapel and the crypt of John Paul Jones. After the tour, we’ll be on our own for lunch; there are dining options in the USNA or in the town. Afterwards, explore Annapolis on your own where photographic opportunities present themselves at every turn. Optional will be a harbor boat tour which we’ll arrange for on site.  Cost for the trip is $65 which includes the bus trip and the tour of the Academy. Advance registration is required. Spouses and guests are welcome.  Registration form can be downloaded by going to "Club Information - Documents to Download". Click on the "+"  next to Miscellaneous and scroll down to "Registration form for Bus Trip to Baltimore and Annapolis" .  Registration form and check can be delivered to Howard Sundwall at the next CCCC meeting, or mailed to Chester County Camera Club, P.O. Box 5, Exton, PA 19341. Still a few spots left!  Deadline to register is May 31!  Please send email to Howard Sundwall at sundwall@verizon.net and let him know if you want to attend. delete
CANCELLED Lighting Intensive Workshop with Joe Edelman (10:00 AM EDT)
This event has been cancelled.  We hope to provide a lighting workshop in the Fall. Lighting can and will make or break a photo but it doesn’t have to be difficult. Spend a day with that YouTube guy Joe Edelman and learn the secrets behind his KISS IT approach to lighting Portraits, Models, Boudoir and more. This is not your parent’s lighting class! Joe will show us how he creates flattering portraits with simple lighting and posing techniques. While the focus for the day is lighting, Joe will discuss everything from camera and lens selection, depth of field, camera angles, composition, posing, backgrounds and more! This SIX HOUR hands on workshop will begin a presentation from Joe to explain his approach to shooting and how he plans and preps a shoot. Then with a lighting and shooting demo, Joe will demonstrate how he sets his lights and directs his subjects. After a short lunch break, you will spend much of the afternoon photographing one of the three models that we will have on hand. During the shooting intensive, you will have the opportunity to work with numerous lighting arrangements and practice your skills for portraits, ¾ and full length shots. The day will wrap up with a demonstration on how to properly enhance your images to increase the dramatic feel that you have created, using some simple Lightroom / Photoshop adjustments. The workshop will be limited to 15 attendees so that you have ample opportunities to try the techniques that you are learning with real subjects and to ensure that you have plenty of opportunities to interact one-on-one with Joe. This workshop is designed for photographers of all skill levels. You MUST have a DSLR or Mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses and the ability to fire an off-camera flash via hot shoe or PC socket. You MUST know how to operate your camera in MANUAL MODE. Joe will not be able to give you lessons on your camera. If you’re not feeling comfortable using manual mode, several members have agr delete
Peoples Choice (12:00 AM EDT)
CCCC End-of-Year Party (6:30 PM EDT)
Come and join the fun at the annual end-of-the-year party. Mix and mingle, enjoy great food, and get to know your fellow photographers a little better.  Here are a few of the details; who knows what other surprises we'll have that evening!! Please bring your favorite appetizer, main dish, or dessert. Indicate what you'll bring on the e-vite you received so we don't have a lot of duplication. Feel free to bring a photo book or album or a scrapbook to share. Each member is invited to bring along one guest. We hope to see you all there to help commemorate another successful photo club year! delete
S.S. United States (12:00 PM EDT)
This June we will be able to board the one-time luxury liner the S.S. United States, which is tied up on the Philadelphia Waterfront. This ship, at one time the epitome of luxury cruise ships and still the record holder for the fastest Atlantic crossings in history, came out of service is the 1960s and has been immobile since 1996, essentially decaying in place. Much of the ship has been stripped of anything salvageable, and she has been inaccessible for many years. A non-profit organization, the SS United States Conservancy, owns the ship and has worked for years to salvage or repurpose the ship, but without success. (More information about the United States is available here and here.) This is an opportunity for a unique urban exploration in a venue none of us have ever seen before. Think decay, grunge, peeling paint, rust, but also some unique nautical and historic details. I’m sure the shoot will be memorable. It will certainly be one of a kind! Be advised that this is not a pristine environment. You must be careful and accept the risk that this is a hazardous place to be exploring. You should wear sturdy shoes and your most rugged adventure gear. If you’re not up to the physical nature of urban exploration, please skip this one. Tripods and flash are permitted. THIS OUTING HAS BEEN LIMITED TO NO MORE THAN 15 PARTICPANTS. MEMBERS WILL BE CHOSEN AT RANDOM AND THE GROUP WILL BE GIVEN DETAILS SEPERATELY. delete

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