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Monthly Critique Group (2:00 PM EST)
In normal times it had been called the Print Critique Group intended for print photographers. Since Covid that has been largely impossible, so we are calling it the Monthly Critique Group. We mostly meet Online, but weather permitting some of us also meet Outdoors in a socially distanced setting with masks and prints.   EIther way you are invited to join a group of club members who gather online or outdoors to show a few of their photographs and receive constructive feedback from fellow photographers. The meeting takes place once a month in small groups so photographers can share their images and discuss their vision. This is a gentle and fun atmosphere that promotes friendship and learning for members only. Let Jim Samanen know if you would like to attend and he will coordinate groups and sign-in instructions. You can email Jim at
Nick Hanson - Making the Most of Focal Lengths and Ratios - Crop in Camera, Not in the Computer (7:00 PM EST)
In this 90 minute presentation, award winning professional photographer Nick Hanson uses his portfolio of stunning photos to explain how to make the best use of a wide range of focal lengths. He also demonstrates how the right choice of crop ratio can have a major impact on the success of an image. Bio Nick Hanson is a multi award-winning photographer from Dumfries, South West Scotland. He splits his year between the Isle of Skye, where he leads photography workshops and tours for Skye Photo Academy, and Wales where he runs workshops during the winter. He was the winner of a Scottish landscape photography competition in 2016, as well as being highly commended in the Landscape Photographer of the Year competition in 2015. His work frequently features in magazines such as Outdoor Photography, Practical Photography and Amateur Photographer.
Mentor Meeting - Street Photography and "Lightroom or Photoshop" (7:00 PM EDT)
CCCC member Dick Greenwood will cover the basics and principles of  street photography, followed by a discussion of "Lightroom or Photoshop" moderated by Buzz Mossholder.  There will also be time for general questions and discussion on other topics.  The objective of the mentor/mentee  program is to help members to enjoy using their camera and post-processing programs in a stress free environment.    A team of experienced friendly photographers will be available to answer any questions mentees may have. This is a members-only event. If interested in participating, mentees (those who want to learn) should email Mike Keba at  Mentors (those interested in teaching) should email Buzz Mossholder at
Competition. Theme - Ruins (7:00 PM EDT)
This month’s competition theme is ‘Ruins.' More info about the  theme can be found here. The morning of the competition all members will receive the link invitation to  the meeting.
"Photography Using Lighting" Virtual Workshop (10:00 AM EDT)
The first of two sessions on lighting. In this session, Bob Becker will address different types of lighting and how to set exposure when using lighting, continuous and flash both. If you find the use of those artificial light sources intimidating, here is your chance to dive in and expand your photographic horizons.   A second session, “Making the Most of Speedlites", will follow on April 17th and will focus on the use of speedlites in lighting your images. Much of the event will involve live demonstrations. Either of these sessions will be useful on their own, but the speedlight session will be most illuminating (pun intended) if you attend the first. If you plan to attend, contact Jim Wilson to insure that you receive a Zoom invite, and be sure to say if you are attending  both or just one.

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