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November 2019
November 2019
November 2019
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Print Critique Meeting (2:00 PM EST)
Join a small group of club members who gather in an informal setting to show a few of their printed photographs and receive constructive feedback from fellow photographers. The meeting takes place once a month at a member's house where participants enjoy some light snacks while sharing their images and discussing their vision. This is a gentle and fun atmosphere that promotes friendship and learning. Let Jim Samanen know if you would like to attend and he will let you know the location and directions. You can email Jim at
Members' Forum: A Conversation about Printing (6:30 PM EST)
Presented by Dick Greenwood and Jim Samanen Our November edition of the Members’ Forum will be an unusual offering.  Rather than featuring a technique, style, or approach to a different type of photography, we’re going to have a conversation regarding the question of printing for competitions.  Whether you print images or not, you’ve obviously made a decision.  This Forum will take the form of a conversation between all members who attend and a panel of members who have chosen to identify as printers. The panel will feature Anita Bower, Dick Greenwood, Photographer of the Year, Peter Neuschul, and Jim Samanen.  We’ll start off with brief statements from the panelists and then jump into a conversation with the attendees.  Questions such as “Why do you or why don’t you print images?”, “What do you see as the advantages or disadvantages of printing?”, and “Do you look at printing from a cost-focused point of view?” will be addressed.
Monthly Meeting Guest Speaker: Loren Fisher-Finding Inspiration (7:30 PM EST)
Finding inspiration Getting in a rut and not being motivated to make pictures is a common problem for many photographers. There are many techniques I use to keep me wanting to make new images. Some involve changing my mindset, some involve changing subject matter and there are times when I need to change my location. Many times it just requires changing the way you are approaching your photography to make it feel fresh again. We’ll talk about some ways to stay motivated and keep your creative juices flowing. About Loren: Working as a professional photographer since 1978, Loren Fisher has photographed subjects as diverse the Olympics in Seoul, Korea, eagles in Alaska, transporting horses in a 747 from Germany, the 106 covered bridges of Vermont, in the dressing room with the Rockettes and backstage with Bruce Springsteen. Loren has published two photography books: “Pope John Paul II: An American Celebration” which documented the papal visit to New York, New Jersey and Baltimore and “Branson Backstage” which looks at the phenomenon of 35 live music theaters in Branson, Missouri. Crawling through the woods, donning waders in swamps and searching out what’s good is what keeps Loren excited. While he has traveled to 50 states and 18 countries, Loren loves to seek out the beauty that surrounds him locally. Loren can be found displaying his work at art shows year round from Florida to Vermont. He teaches workshops locally and at great destinations around the world including Iceland, Chile, France, Italy and Guatemala. Loren started working in newspapers in 1978 as a staff photographer and worked for seven newspapers in Indiana, Ohio and New Jersey, plus USA Today as a photographer, photo editor and graphics editor. He was Managing Editor/Digital for two N.J. Gannett newspapers, the Home News Tribune and Courier News and oversaw the combined website. In 1995 Loren created Elf Multimedia, which produces photography, video, audio and interactive projects. He is a
Monthly Competition: Topic - Silhouettes and Shadows (6:30 PM EST)
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