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May 2018

May 2018

Flower Photography Workshop (9:00 AM EDT)
FLOWER PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP with Anita Bower and Nancy Cordaro. Anita and Nancy are award winning photographers with very different styles. In this workshop each will demonstrate how to set up and take flower photos using natural light,  followed by participants utilizing these techniques at various stations. Participants should bring a tripod.  If they have these items, they should also be brought:  a diffuser, a reflector, a reflector stand, a background. They should know how to use 2 or 5 (or other) second timer on their cameras,  or bring and know how to use a remote shutter release. Nancy uses Manual settings, so knowing how to do that is important. Anita uses Aperture Priority, so knowing how to do that is important. There is limited space for this workshop so register early to claim your space. This is a members only event. Location: Rhodes Building, 9:00 am to noon. Cost $5 to cover flower purchases. More information to follow. If you want to participate, please email Susan Eisenhower at seisenhower117@aol.com  and bring $5 the day of the event. Check out some of their work on Flickr. Anita - https://www.flickr.com/photos/34370937@N07/ Nancy - https://www.flickr.com/photos/43226384@N05/ delete
Claude Rains House (2:00 PM EDT)
The Sharples Mansion -- also known as the Claude Rains House -- in West Chester dates to early 1800s. We will have two hours of private access of this historic structure. delete
Jim  Wilson will describe HIS APPROACH TO PHOTOGRAPHY Jim is well-known for his unique approach for creating unusual images.  Beyond the typical landscape images, he enjoys looking at subjects from unique angles,  and capturing some bizarre subjects.   Jim will share his thought process as to how he works a scene and adds some post-processing to achieve his unique images.  Many of his compelling images start with an idea and involve studio set-ups and lights, and he will explain not only his motivation, but his technique. You can check out some of Jim's work on his photo blog here. delete
Monthly Meeting (7:30 PM EDT)
Our guest presenter this month is Betsy Barron, friend and former club member! Betsy owns Betsy Barron Photography in Malvern, PA.  Her team, now 4 strong, creates family and corporate portraiture, event photography, as well as architectural imagery on the Main Line and in Philadelphia.  Betsy will be discussing Off Camera Flash (OCF) and showing us simple one and two light setups for family and corporate portraiture. She will demystify flash photography for those who only shoot in available light and show you how simple it really can be!   You can view their work at http://www.thebetsy.com delete
Monthly Competition (7:00 PM EDT)
Minimalism - See information about this topic and other Assigned Topics here: https://cccc.visualpursuits.com/d/73675ffe-242e-4a48-9cc3-f84292b1ff91 delete
WWII Re-Enactment at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum (9:30 AM EDT)
Every year in June, the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum at Reading Airport (site of a club outing last year) hosts a re-enactment of the World War II era, with many actors dressed up in period clothes and living life as it was lived in wartime. This year many aircraft of the era will be on display, including B-17s, B-29s and fighter planes from Germany and Japan. Many of these planes are airworthy and will be available for rides. There is much to see and do at this re-enactment. We will visit on Saturday, but if raining we can switch to Sunday. Here is the website with all the details. Carpoolers leave Exton at 8:30 and all others will meet there at 9:30. delete

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