Strasburg Mud Sale


The event was held on Saturday, February 23, 2019 from 8:30 AM to 1:00 PM.

For anyone who hasn’t already attended an Amish Mud sale, it is a slice of Americana not to be missed. Mud Sales are so-named for the condition of the thawing ground in late winter and early spring, and are major fundraisers for the volunteer fire companies throughout Amish communities. They can be huge events, sometimes drawing as many as 20,000 people, where hand-stitched quilts (donated by the Amish women's groups), locally-made crafts, livestock, used Amish buggies, furniture, produce, baked goods, antiques, housewares, even kitchen sinks are all up for bid. In a sight that may seem like organized chaos to novice mud sale visitors, six or seven auctions are conducted simultaneously as Amish and "English" mill together over the many items bound for the auction block.

Each year the Strasburg Mud Sale is the first such event of the season, and thus will have the best of the best items (eg quilts) up for auction. We’ve been given permission by Mud Sale coordinator Ivan Fisher to photograph this event. As always, capturing Amish faces is not permitted, but we’re otherwise free photograph whatever seems interesting. (Note that photographing quilts with the intent of selling those images is forbidden.) About a week before the event we’ll need to report the approximate number of photographers participating, so email Dean Grantham if you intend to go.

When it comes to weather conditions, these events can be a challenge. We may get lucky and have moderate temperatures, but more likely it will be very cold (and yes, muddy). Note that the photo—from the web—does not accurately depict the ground conditions we’ll encounter; the last time I went to this event it was in a hay field which ranged from trampled hay to all mud. You will want to either bring plastic bags to put on the floor of your car, or bring an extra pair of clean shoes and place your muddy boots in a plastic bag for the trip home. Plan on bringing several disposable hand warmers and lots of layers. On the other hand you can also plan on there being plenty of calorie-rich foods on sale. In the event of significant rain/freezing rain we’ll cancel.

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The mud sale begins at 8:00 am, but unless you want to buy just the right quilt or used Amish buggy there’s no need being there at the coldest part of the day. BTW if you want to catch the early morning light, sunrise on February 23 will be at 6:45 am so it will be up for 75 min before the venue opens.

LOCATION & CARPOOLING: Strasburg is a 40-minute drive from West Chester. For those interested in carpooling, we'll leave the parking area just outside Panera’s parking lot in Exton (151 East Swedesford Rd, Exton, PA 19341) at 8:30 am, so please get there at 10 -15 minutes earlier. If you are going on this outing, notify Dean Grantham via email, and indicate whether you are going direct or carpooling.

Parking at the outing is in open fields. The venue will be crowded and ground conditions uncertain (mud? snow?) so tripods not recommended. There is no entry fee.

If you have questions or require further information please contact Dean Grantham.
E-mail: 484-888-8768

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