Monthly Meeting Guest Speaker: Harold Ross--Sculpting with Light


The event was held on Wednesday, February 12, 2020 from 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM.

Sculpting with Light

Join photographer Harold Ross for an information-packed presentation on Sculpting
with Light, a technique that he has been perfecting for almost 30 years.
Harold will show you how his vision and his method of light painting can transform the
ordinary subject into something extraordinary.
His lighting technique reveals remarkable detail, shape and dimension in his subjects.
This lighting cannot normally be “seen”, as it involves a building up of light over time and
over multiple captures. The photographing of one image can take minutes or even
hours to record.
Harold’s goal is to elevate and monumentalize his subjects, which are often taken for
granted, and his transformational approach to photography can, in a way, breathe new
life into these subjects.
During his talk, Harold will explain what he means by Sculpting with Light, the
advantages of light painting in still life and other kinds of photography, the tools needed
(which are very few and quite inexpensive) and his Six Principles of Lighting. He will
explain how these principles work in practice and he'll show why his process is so
transformative. His work will serve as illustrations to these themes.
This will be an information-packed program. Be prepared to be inspired!
See Harold’s work at:
See Harold’s blog, with lots of technical information at:

BIO for Harold Ross:

Born into a military family, Harold grew up in New Mexico and Germany. His parents were
adventurous, and took the family on outings almost every weekend... hiking in the desert,
horseback riding and camping in the mountains, exploring castles and old gardens in Germany
and camping in Italy. These outings, of course, left many lasting impressions.
After moving back with his family to the U.S., Harold began photographing. As a young
teenager, he bought his first camera, a GAF Instamatic. He still has the camera today.
Harold is deeply influenced by the work of Wynn Bullock, W. Eugene Smith and Irving Penn.
He is also influenced by the paintings of Rembrandt, Carravaggio and Willem Kalf.
He earned a B.F.A from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in 1978, after which he
produced fine art and taught photography at the college level. Since that time, Harold has been
creating distinctive work in the studio as well as in the night landscape, specializing in Light
Painting, a technique involving "painting" the light over a long time exposure. Harold refers to
his image-making process as “Sculpting with Light”.
His large scale color work has been exhibited, collected, and published in the U.S. and
internationally in Photo China Magazine, the Italian magazine Progresso Fotografico, Ukraine
Photographer, and The Journal of the Royal Photographic Society in England, among others.
Here at home, his work was featured in LensWork #93, #121 and #137, and Professional
Photographer Magazine, Digital Photographer, and Popular Photography, among others. Also,
his work was recently featured in LensWork Monograph #15. Digital publications include The
New York Times LENS blog, Boing Boing, aCurator, LENSCRATCH, Colossal, Photigy,
Luminous Landscape, and more.
In 2011, Harold was invited to participate in an exhibition of landscape photography in Inner
Mongolia, China along with 10 other American and 20 Chinese photographers.
He was also chosen as one of four photographers to exhibit in the inaugural FRESH exhibition
at the prestigious Klompching Gallery in New York.
Gallery representation: Susan Spiritus Gallery, CA., and High Noon Gallery, Beijing.
Harold lives in Lancaster County, PA, where he produces work and teaches workshops
in his process.
To see Harold’s work, please visit


Westminster Presbyterian Church

Driving to and from Westminster Presbyterian Church. Care must be taken when driving to and from the church, since it is adjacent to US 202 (on the southbound side) and this is a busy road with lots of fast-moving traffic. Traveling to the church from West Chester and the northern side. Drive south on High Street or US 202 Southbound. After passing Stetson Middle School on the right, be aware that West Pleasant Grove Road is the very next right-hand turn after the jug handle at the Stetson light (about 500 yards down). Slow down as you come to this turn, then make a right and then a left into the church parking lot. Traveling to the church from the south side. Option 1: You can come north on US and turn left into West Pleasant Grove Road but there is no light there and it’s a dangerous turn and not recommended. Option 2: Come north on US 202 and make a left onto Route 926, Street Road. Drive on 926 for 0.9 miles, make a right on South New Street, drive 0.6 miles, make a right on West Pleasant Grove Road, drive 0.8 miles and make a right into the church parking lot. Parking and entering the church. The church is a large facility and there are many entrances. We need to enter via the main entrance, which is a large feature of the church with a stone portico. You can’t miss it. Park anywhere near there; there are plenty of spaces. Please do not park in any restricted spaces. Leaving the church. To travel south, you can leave the church lot and travel south on US 202. Merge carefully! To travel north, note that you can NOT make a left onto US 202 northbound. You must do one of the following. Option 1: Travel South on US 202 to Route 926, then make a left and use the shopping center parking lot to change directions to the northbound road. Option 2: Leave the parking lot by turning left on West Pleasant Grove Road, then make a right on South New Street. New Street will take you north through the WCU campus and into West Chester. (Make a right on Rosedale to get back to High Street.)

Westminster Presbyterian Church
10 W. Pleasant Grove Rd.
West Chester, PA 19382

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