Meeting Notes - October 24, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018


Pictured are winners of the October Competition.



Choir Room ~ Westminster Presbyterian Church


Meeting ~ Vice-President Carol DeGuiseppi welcomed guests and gave opening announcements.

Volunteers are needed for a committee to organize the two club parties.  Carolyn Mead has volunteered and we are looking for two more to join her. Anyone interested should see Carol or Betsy.

The Kuerner Farm outing was quite successful and a wonderful day for all involved.  Thank you to Steve Whitney and Dean Grantham for organizing and leading this special day.

Next outing is the West Chester Homecoming game.  Dean still has openings for this unique opportunity, so let him know if you want to participate.

The Penn State Great Valley Exhibit entry deadline is now closed.  The committee will be sending out info to those who have submitted images.

Please check the monthly newsletter to stay informed of what is coming up at the club.  A link to it appears on the Home Page, and Howard will send out each new newsletter in an email to all members.

Anita Bower announced that the next Member’s Forum meeting will be the popular “Everybody Edit”.  She will share some images with the club, and each member can choose an image an edit it anyway they want and upload it to a gallery that will be set up.  Members will then have the opportunity to discuss their edits at the meeting.

Competition Chair Bob Kelly introduced tonight’s competition judge, Jon Cox.  The theme for this competition is “Water”.

Minutes submitted by Betsy Wilson, webmaster


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