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June 2020
June 2020
June 2020
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Print Critique Meeting (2:00 PM EDT)
Intended for print photographers,  you are invited to join a small group of club members who gather in an informal setting via Zoom to show a few of their photographs and receive constructive feedback from fellow photographers. The meeting takes place once a month in a virtual setting in small groups so photographers can share their images and discuss their vision. This is a gentle and fun atmosphere that promotes friendship and learning. Let Jim Samanen know if you would like to attend and he will coordinate groups and sign-in instructions. You can email Jim at
Peoples Choice (6:00 PM EDT)
Status: Closed Closed: Sunday, May 31, 2020 10:15 AM Member Voting Closes: Sunday, June 7, 2020 6:00 PM Competition entries are only from other competitions.
Year-End Recognition and Awards Event (7:00 PM EDT)
Join fellow club members on Wednesday, June 10 for THE social event of the season, our annual Year-End Recognition and Awards Event -  virtually of course!  So, grab your favorite food and drink, sit wherever you please, and get ready for the show of the year!  This is a great way to close out the year and watch as Howard presides over his last event as president. He will re-cap  all the wonderful events and activities that happened thanks to all our wonderful members. Lastly, the suspense will end as he announces the ”Photographer of the Year” and the results of the “People’s Choice” Awards.
Summer Challenge Outing: West Chester (6:00 PM EDT)
Chester County Balloon Festival (5:30 PM EDT)
NOTE: THIS OUTING IS TENTATIVE. STAY TUNED! NOTE: the Chester County Balloon festival is at a new location this year: Willowdale Steeplechase Grounds in Kennett Square. Read on for more details. The tentative date of this event has changed - the new tentative date is Saturday June 27, 2020. This year will be the 14th annual Chester County Balloon Festival, and it’s always an exceptional photographic opportunity! We’re hoping to shoot at least two fantastic events: the late-afternoon balloon launch on Saturday June 27, followed by Balloon Glow, the coordinated lift-off of as many as 20 glowing hot-air balloons.  Schedules for balloon and helicopter rides can be found on the Tickets Tab by clicking the green Purchase buttons. No schedules for anticipated traditionally held events like Balloon Glow are yet published on the event website so stay tuned to this station: NOTE that the first caller with the correct information wins a personal interview with the Montgolfier Brothers, who not only invented the game of golf, they invented hot air balloons one afternoon while stacked up on the back nine of their wildly popular new golf course, and wanted to see what the heck the hold-up was. Most people nowadays are not aware that golf clubs had actually been invented several years earlier, and sold like hot cakes (hot cakes were also invented by the Montgofier Brothers btw), but nobody knew what to do with the clubs until Joseph-Michel & Jacques-Étienne came up with a sport that required them.)  This page will be updated when additional activity schedules are available. Adult tickets apparently are $15 for a one-day pass, and can be purchased at the gate or online; the event usually sells out, so it might be wise to buy your tickets early. (But keep in mind the possibility of cancellation because of extended social distancing or other health restrictions, or for weather: balloon flights will be cancelled if wind speed, precipitation, or threat of storms make flying u

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