Meeting Notes - November 14, 2018

Wednesday, November 14, 2018


Pictured is guest speaker John Barclay


MEETING NOTES - November 14, 2018

Choir Room ~ Westminster Presbyterian Church


Meeting ~ Vice-President Carol DeGuiseppi welcomed guests and gave opening announcements.

Carol asked three new members to introduce themselves.

Carol introduced the newly formed party-planning committe of Carolyn Mead, Connie Snyder, Pat Rhubottom and Ginia Apostolacus.  If anyone else wants to join the committee, they would be welcomed!

The annual Holiday Gathering will take place Wednesday, December 12 at Uptown Theatre in West Chester.  An invitation with details will be sent out from the committee.

We must have quite a few budding sports photographers in the club based on the images taken at the West Chester Homecoming football game.  Be sure to check out the great action shots in the gallery. 

Next outing is the National Dog Show which takes place this Sunday, November 18 in Oaks.

Next meeting will be the Competition meeting Wednesday, November 28.  The assigned topic is "the human body", and information and links to articles are on the website on the schedule page.

Paula Miller announced that there will not be a Mentor's Meting in November.  The next one will be December 19 at the Finance Building at Chester County Hospital.

Those who will be exhibiting in the Penn State Great Valley Exhibit will soon receive instructions on preparation of images for the event.

Please check the monthly newsletter to stay informed of what is coming up at the club.  A link to it appears on the Home Page, and Howard will send out each new newsletter in an email to all members.

Anita Bower led the Member’s Forum meeting with the popular “Everybody Edit”.  She  moderated a lively discussion of member's interpretations of one of three images.  There was quite a variety of interesting and creative edits, demonstrating how each person brings their own vision to their images.

Carol introduced the featured speaker, John Barclay, who delivered a meaningful and inspirational program, "Discovery and the Creative Process".

Minutes submitted by Betsy Wilson, webmaster

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