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The Camera Club provide opportunities to club members to exhibit their photographs at various locations in Chester County. We have permanent exhibit space at the Chester County Library and from time to time at other localities (e.g., local restaurants, the Oxford Art Alliance)

This is a wonderful opportunity for members to learn the ins and outs of exhibiting, show off you work to the public, and perhaps even sell a few items.

We usually rotate photographs in and out of the library every 1-2 months and special exhibits will be announced at club meetings. If you are interested in exhibiting at an upcoming exhibit, email either Helen Wagner or Joe Johnbosco the following information:

              A.  Name of the Photographer

              B.  Tile of the Image

              C.  Price of the Image

              D.  Contact information (no website address) with either phone number or email address

Email to: or 

If accepted, you will receive an email confirmation back. We try to accommodate all club members, but occasionally we have too many photos for any one exhibit.  We occasionally allow members to exhibit multiple photographs, space permitting, so let us know if interested.

Below are the guidelines for exhibiting. The intent is to ensure a consistency of quality in the way images are displayed. These are fairly common exhibition guidelines and are not meant to be a burden.

Types of Images

We allow a variety of framing methods including

  • Traditional Frames
  • Canvas Wrap,
  • Aluminum,
  • Metal Prints
  • Gatorboard


You may either frame the images yourself, or have a professional framer do it for you (e.g. independent or companies such as Framers Market, Great Frame Up, Michael's, Adorama, etc.),

Either way, the framing must follow the guidelines stated below:

1.  Size

Unless otherwise stated, all framed images must be no larger than 16 x 24 inches or smaller than 11 x 17 inches.  These are the frame dimensions, not image size dimensions.  NOTE: If you would like to hang a larger print, please talk to Luis or Fiona. Depending on space availability, they may be able to accommodate larger prints.

2.  Wooden Frames

If the prints are in a frame, then they must be under glass and matted. 

  • If using a wooden frame, then the back has to have a dust cover attached to the back of the frame, with flat eyelets secured to the back of the frame. The eyelets should be about a third of the way down from the top of the frame.
  • Use either non-coated or coated picture/hanging wire securely attached to the flat eyelets on the back of the frame. 
  • With the exception of the flat eyelets and paper dust cover, all other requirement must be met for metal frames.
  • Mats must lie flat against the glass and not curled in the back.

3.  Canvas wrap, Aluminum, Metal prints, Gatorboard, or any other alternative printing method

Photos must be ready to hang with either a non-coated or coated picture/hanging wire securely attached to flat eyelets on the back of the frame.

Images in metal frames must have the clips securely placed on the back of the frame.  A non-coated or coated picture/hanging wire must be securely attached to the back of the frame. 

4. Descriptive Cards

Two cards the size of a business card needs to be brought the day of delivery. 

One card should be attached to the back of all of the images in the upper right hand corner with the following information.  Another card needs to be given to the Exhibit Coordinators.

A.  Name of the Photographer

B.  Tile of the Image

C. Contact information (no website address) with either phone number or email address

5.  Special Notes

  • No images with saw tooth hangers on the back of the frame will be accepted
  • All images (professionally framed or framed by the photographer) must be professionally presentable.  No image will be displayed if the frames are cracked, scratched, falling apart or giving the impression of falling apart, dusty, dirty, or presented in a manner that is deemed unacceptable by the Club Exhibit Coordinators.

6.  Cancellation

 Any member who agrees to participate in the Club shows/exhibits must give at least two week’s notice to the Club Exhibit Coordinators if you find that you are not able to participate in the show/exhibit. 

7.  Delivery/Pickup

All members must deliver and pick up their work at the dates and times given.  You may not drop off works before the stated time.  If you are unable drop off or pick up your artwork at the stated time, it will be your responsibility to find someone to deliver or pick up your work. 


Neither the Chester Count Camera Club nor the Club’s Exhibit Coordinators shall be held liable or responsible for works that are lost, stolen, damaged or not picked up at the stated time.  No member may drop off work ahead of time (before the show or before the scheduled time).  Doing so will result in pulling your work from the exhibit.

Revised Guidelines in PDF

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