This was compiled in 2016, based on member feedback:

Club Members that do prints:

  • Dave Bliss ­I have a Photo Restoration business and the Printer that I use is an Epson 3880. I can make prints as large as 19 x 25. I primarily use Red River paper. I live in Oxford and would be glad to make prints for club members. ­Dave Bliss

  • Gene Coggins ­ Club member who does good quality prints for some of our members at very reasonable prices. Located in Malvern.

  • Luis Morales ­ I print all my images on an Epson 1900. Great quality.


Local Retail Locations:

  • Costco ­ I send files digitally to my local Costco. As the order is placed the system tells you what time the prints will be ready. It’s usually just a couple of hours. Almost always the same day unless you submit it late. ­Ted Goldman 

  • Costco is a good source for prints ranging from 8x10 to 12x18. Their prices have gone up recently but they are still cost effective for what you get. ­ Fred Rosenberg 

  • I have used Cardinal Camera for canvas prints. Inexpensive and great quality. ­Luis Morales 

  • I use Visual Expansion Gallery in West Chester for mats and backing when I can't do at home.. They will give you 15 percent off if you are a camera club member if you tell them. Super nice people! ­ Paula Miller

Online Services

  • AdoramaPix has occasional sales. Last month I had 20 11x14 prints made at $1.99 each with free shipping. Can't beat that. ­ Fred Rosenberg
  • I use Nations Photo Lab. I used them when I lived in MD and now I order through their site. ­ Stephanie Gebhart
  • I have used Adorama for a photo book for a wedding couple and have had canvas prints made from them as well. Inexpensive and Great Quality ­ Luis Morales
  • I print my own, but I have also used extensively. They do great work. I've had many metal prints done by them. Before they let you order anything, you have to send in 5 files to have printed in 8x10 to check your color calibration. This is done for free. Here is the link: h ttps://­a­client ­ Laura Rainsford
  • I’ve used White House Custom Color ­ w ­ and have been very pleased. They begin by having customer send files for free test prints for color calibration. Ordering is done through a desktop app that links with their site For printing, they offer myriad sizes at prices competitive with local places, and a few finishing options. Their target market is professional photographers, so they also offer canvas wraps, albums, etc., etc. I’ve been very happy with what they’ve done for me.­ Helen Wagner
  • American Frame is also a resource that prints and frames photos, and sells custom frames and mats.  This is a good arrticle on Professional Photo Printing at home.


Film Processing:

  • I have my film processed and printed at a place called “colourworks” not really local but very professional.The address is: 1902 Superfine Lane, Wilmington DE 19802 Phone: 302­428­0222 or fax: 302­428­1640. We have checked with them and you can mail things into them for processing. ­Janet Martin­Aylam

  • I am not sure if you or other members know that the darkroom in the Chester Co. Art Assoc. is “open Studio” on Monday nights with a monitor. I have been there all summer with the monitor, Sam, processing 35mm negatives (black and white). We would love to see some other folks use the darkroom, fee is nominal and Sam is very knowledgeable. Folks can check the art assoc. website for details.­Janet Martin­Aylam 

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