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The event was held on Tuesday, October 10, 2017 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

Guest Speaker is Larry Lefever who will present on "Miksang: Architectural Street Photography."

‘Miksang’ is a Tibetan word meaning ‘Good-eye’ or more accurately, pure seeing. At its core, the practice of Miksang allows us to see beyond our conceptual view of the world. Instead of seeing familiar objects, we can experience pure color, texture, shape, and the negative space they interact with for what they really are. A chair can become a piece of sculpture and buildings turn into abstract geometry once labels are removed.

Simple in theory, perhaps a bit challenging in practice, Miksang also helps us identify the real image when something catches our eye and not a formulated version of photos we’ve seen before. We’ve all had the experience of being stopped in our tracks, knowing there’s a picture in front of us, but unable to make a satisfying image. Miksang provides a path to uncover our own unique vision and the tools to turn our experience into a photograph.

Architectural Street Photography: Though photographing people doing everyday ‘people things’ has been going on since the invention of the camera, in recent years ‘Street Photography’ has become extremely popular, and often ambiguous in its voice. My thirty years as an architectural photographer has led me to explore people interacting with their environment and discovering that however small the human figure may be in an image, they can convey a powerful presence. I often work with silhouettes, shadows, and reflections to explore scenes that often go unnoticed.


You may not think that growing up on a farm, followed by 16 years working in construction would be good preparation for a thirty year career in photography, but that’s exactly how things worked out for Larry Lefever.

Ready to move on from construction work in 1984, Larry shared his passion for photographing the rural landscape with Grant Heilman, owner of the world’s largest stock photo agency specializing in agriculture and there was an immediate connection. He spent three years working on staff for GHP, and then became self-employed as a commissioned shooter for the agency. It generally takes a five-year investment of time and money before one can turn a profit from shooting stock. To supplement his income during this time Larry drew on his construction experience by taking assignments with local architects and contractors, and by the late 90’s was shooting architecture full time.

Retiring in 2014 and thrilled at the opportunity to shoot whatever he wanted, he quickly learned the meaning of ‘Be careful what you ask for.’ Any solid body of work requires focus and that doesn’t come from jumping from one genre to another. From landscapes to flower close-ups, light-painting to mobile photography, nothing seemed to root itself until Larry came across a book on contemplative photography by Andy Carr and Michael Wood. The technique known as ‘Miksang’ is really more about seeing than photography. Miksang can be practiced anywhere, but works exceptionally well in an urban environment and before long Larry discovered another passion…street photography with an architectural flair.

Today Larry shoots every day, posting the work on his website (lefeverphoto.com) and Flickr, hoping that others may be inspired to see the world through fresh eyes.


Chester County Hospital - Rhoads Building (Center for Nursing and Allied Health Building)

Rhoads Education Building is located at 701 East Marshall Street. It is also called the Center for Nursing and Allied Health Building. It is a stand-alone building located at the bottom of the driveway that leads to the rear entrance of the hospital. Parking is available at doctors offices across the street at 440 East Marshall Street.

440 East Marshall Street (parking lot)
West Chester, PA 19380

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