Monthly Meeting


The event was held on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 from 6:30 PM to 9:00 PM.


The Members' Forum will be the return of the very popular "Everybody Edits" activity in which members can choose one of three digital images and edit it in anyway they like.  All members were sent an email on Oct 29 from Anita Bower with three unedited images  Each member can edit and upload one image  - Be sue you are LOGGED IN, then go to Club Information / Documents and Files to Download / Images / Everybody Edit Nov 2018 and download the three images then choose the one you wish to edit.  After editing, upload your edited image to the Everybody Edit Gallery.

  • Go to…
  • Make sure you’re logged in
  • “My account”
  • “My galleries”
  • “Club Outings and Events” (click + sign to expand)
  • “2018-2019 Club year” (click + sign to expand)
  • “2018-11-14 Everybody Edit"  – 
  • “Edit and Upload Images”
  • Upload images into this gallery”
  • “Select”
  • (Choose one edited photo from your computer) 
  • “Save images”
  • (Change any metadata if you wish, like the title)
  • “Save any changes and return to the original page”
  • DEADLINE: Upload images by Midnight, November 11

At the meeting, we will have a slide show of all the edited images at the forum where participants will have an opportunity to make short comments about their processing during the presentation.  This is a great way to practice editing at home and have fun sharing your work with the club.  More information will be forthcoming.

Our guest speaker this evening is award-winning freelance photographer and workshop leader, John Barclay. HIs presentation, “Discovery & the Creative Process” will focus on how as photographers, we struggle when we encounter fears, uncertainty, and doubts (F.U.D) making it difficult to find something to photograph. The intent of this program is to address the F.U.D. and suggest ideas on how we can overcome them. He will share concepts, ideas, and images designed to build confidence or inspire any level of photographer. You can check out his website by clicking here.


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