Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area to see Snow Geese

The event was held on Sunday, February 16, 2020 from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM.


 The annual migration of thousands of snow geese is taking place a few weeks earlier than usual this year.  Amounts vary according to temperature changes in the weather, but we expect a sizable number of birds to photograph on Feb 16th. We will watch the postings of official numbers and keep this listing updated.

The Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area is a 6,000-acre Wildlife Management Area located in Lancaster and Lebanon counties, Pennsylvania. It is managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. The area lakes seasonally get up to 100,000 migrating snow geese

You can either carpool with others, or join us directly at the Visitor Center .

Carpool from Panera in Exton leaving at 3:00pm.  Please let Jim Wilson  know if you want to carpool at paddlejim48@gmail.com

Meetup at the Middle Creek Visitor Center at 4:00pm.  Enjoy the interpretive displays at the Visitor Center, and enjoy the comfort of indoor bathrooms!  We will then drive a short drive from the Visitor Center to to Willow Point.  There will be about a 1/3 mile walk from the parking area to the point, which is where we will hang out and wait for birds which may arrive anytime, but usually around sunset.  There are porta-potties at the parking area, but not at the point.  Please dress for the weather.  It can be quite breezy at the point, and you will be there for a few hours.  Hand warmers are a good idea, along with a thermos of a hot beverage.

Suggested camera equipment - A tripod is helpful, even for action shots, as your camera may get heavy after awhile, and the point is quite crowded with visitors and photographers.  A tripod helps to secure your spot!  A zoom lens is good to allow you to capture both the spectacular landscape of thousands of snow geese circling over the lake, while giving you the ability to zoom in for a closer shot of just a few birds in flight.  For close-up shots, the longer the lens the better.

The Middle Creek Wildlife Visitor Center is located at 100 Museum Rd, Stevens, PA 17578.

If you have questions or require further information please contact Jim Wilson.
E-mail: paddlejim48@gmail.com.Phone: (610) 827-9761

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