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March 2018

March 2018

Monthly Competition (7:00 PM EST)
Motion - See information about this topic and other Assigned Topics here: https://cccc.visualpursuits.com/d/73675ffe-242e-4a48-9cc3-f84292b1ff91 Our guest judge this month is Pam McLean Parker. For over a quarter of a century since receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Rosemont College, Pam Mclean-Parker has exhibited her photography and photo-based artwork in galleries and art centers in the Philadelphia area and beyond.  Exhibiting in solo and group shows as well as in juried and invitational exhibitions, Pam has received numerous awards and recognition for her work.  Mixed in with her showing, she has worked offering free-lance photography services. Pam is the current director for MCGOPA, the Montgomery County Guild of Professional Artists, a non-profit artists’ co-operative group now in its 17th year, and serves on the board of directors for Philadelphia/Tri-States Artists Equity Association.  In Spring 2015 she served on an art advisory panel for the Pennsylvania Council of the Arts with the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Arts Alliance, and this fall she will be the newly appointed art-editor for Philadelphia Stories Magazine.  This quarterly publication features both creative writing and artwork from Philadelphia area authors, poets, and artists. Asked what she looks for in a winning image, Pam states, “When serving as a photography juror I assess each work, measuring its success in formal and technical terms as well as connecting to the aesthetic sensibility and personal vision conveyed within a piece.” If pressed to reveal what she sees as the most important things in an image, she responds, “In my eyes the most important things in an image are spark, intention, and execution.”  I ask, she continues,  “Does this image hold within it the power to keep a viewer’s attention?  How well has the execution of this image served the vision and intention of the photographer?  How does its presentation as a digital image or as a print further enhance delete
Night shoot on South Broad Street (6:00 PM EST)
Center City Philadelphia is a vibrant exciting place to be and to make images, and this is especially true on a Saturday night. Join the club as we travel down to City Hall and South Broad Street after dark Opportunities will include architecture, street shooting, time-lapse traffic and who knows what else. Look for the big picture of City Hall lit up brilliantly, or find that telling after-dark detail of the city at night. Black and white photography also comes to mind, or think of the red and white light trails going down Broad. A few blocks south are the Union League Club and the Academy of Music, both iconic structures worth shooting. There’ll be plenty to see and shoot. Travel by SEPTA is recommended.  The #1542 train leaves Malvern at 4:56 and arrives at Suburban Station at 5:50. We will all rendezvous at the arch in the center of the south façade of City Hall at 6:00 pm. Sunset is officially 6:02 pm. Return trains depart Suburban station at 7:43, 8:43, 9:43 etc. As an outdoor shoot, this trip is sensitive to the weather; the outings coordinator will monitor and cancel if necessary. delete
Monthly Meeting (7:00 PM EDT)
Our guest presenter this month is Jon Cox, National Geographic Explorer and no stranger to CCCC.  After our meeting and a presentation by Jon, we will have an exclusive, for CCCC only,  preview of his Ese'Eja Exhibit. You can learn more about the exhibit here. The Ese’Eja People of the Amazon: Connected by a Thread As Amazonia loses many of its indigenous cultures, their deep knowledge and wisdom of the interconnectedness of nature is also disappearing. The Ese’Eja, one of the few extant foraging societies of Peru, have been stewards of the lands in the Amazon basin for many generations. This exhibition tells their story in the hope of influencing public policy and empowering the Ese’Eja in determining their future. The Ese'Eja offer us a unique perspective on the complex political, environmental, and social issues at play in contemporary Peru, and indeed, throughout the world.  Please note:  There will be no Members' Forum tonight. The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm. Click here for a campus map. delete
No Members' Forum - Meeting begins at 7 PM (7:00 PM EDT)
Framing Workshop (2:00 PM EDT)
In this workshop we will discuss the art of mounting your photo in a frame. WH Bailey had this to say about the frame: The design of a frame must effect a transition from the existing physical location into the illusionistic realm of the artwork. This should occur graciously and imperceptibly. The frame should also prepare the eye and mind of the viewer to accept and embrace the domain of the artwork on its own terms. (From WH Bailey, in Defining Edges, published by Harry N Abrams) There will first be a 20-minute overview where we discuss The Artistic Choices in Selecting a Frame (what impacts the presentation of the photo – location of the artwork, frame style, frame color, and frame scale or size relative to the photo), and  Economic Considerations - do-it-yourself (DIY) vs. having it done for you, with an emphasis on DIY. We then engage in several exercises. The first two exercises allow us to consider how the frame impacts the presentation of the photo. For the third exercise we will bring an 11x14” matted photo to the workshop, so that each of us will assemble a metal frame and mount our 11x14” matted photos in the frame, ready to take home and display. The cost of the workshop will be $25, which covers the cost of an 11x14” dark grey metal frame and glass. Plan to learn some things, have fun, and get your favorite photo framed! NOTE: REGISTRATION  CLOSES ON FEB 28TH IN ORDER TO HAVE TIME TO ORDER ALL NEEDED SUPPLIES. REGISTRATION SHOULD BE COMPLETED ON THIS PAGE. SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK ON "REGISTRATION INFORMATION" YOU ONLY NEED TO CLICK THE REGISTRATION BUTTON THERE. NO NEED TO FILL IN ANYTHING ELSE.  CHECK SHOULD BE MADE OUT TO "CHESTER COUNTY CAMERA CLUB" AND MAILED TO "CHESTER COUNTY CAMERA CLUB, PO BOX 5, EXTON, PA 19341".  YOU MAY ALSO BRING YOUR CHECK TO THE FEB 27TH MEETING. delete
Monthly Competition (7:00 PM EDT)
Fill the Frame - See information about this topic and other Assigned Topics here: https://cccc.visualpursuits.com/d/73675ffe-242e-4a48-9cc3-f84292b1ff91 delete

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