2021-04-07 Bob Kelly presented on AI Photography Tools at Members Forum

Published: Thursday, April 15, 2021

Click here for Link to the Zoom presentation.

Program description: In the past 4 years, image editing software firms have engaged in a race to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools to enhance their products.  Adobe’s proprietary Sensei technologies have been used in Lightroom’s Auto-tone tool and details enhancer while Photoshop’s Sky replacement tool and many beta filters employ AI (e.g. for automatically colorizing old black and whites).

Topaz Labs has launched a series of utilities to provide stellar denoise and sharpening, upscaling images with better sharpness than the original, and easier masking. They have a tool that has “saved” several soft or out of focus images, a feat that just five years ago was deemed impossible!.  Skylum's recently launched Luminar AI includes an abundance of AI tools that fix technical issues (toning, sharpness, noise) but also assists with composition, sky replacement, and creative recoloring/lighting.

All these tools are aimed at helping photographers enhance images faster and better than traditional editing tools. But do they work and do they affect the photographer’s creativity?

This presentation will explain in low-tech terms what AI is and how AI enhances many standard photo editing processes. Bob will demonstrate the use of several of these tools. Some will show remarkable results, others will reveal some overhyped aspects of these tools. In sum, if you wondered if the emerging AI Tools will be beneficial to your photography or presage the end of Photography as an Art form, join us for this mentor meeting.

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