Meeting Notes - May 22, 2019

Saturday, May 25, 2019


Pictured are the winners of the competition.  The assigned category was "Decay and Decreptitude"



Choir Room ~ Westminster Presbyterian Church


Meeting ~ Carol DeGuissepi, who filled in for Howard Sundwall, called the meeting to order.  Carol  bid a fond farewell to club members as she is stepping down as VP.


Carol reminded club members that the end-of-year party and awards ceremony will be June 12 at the Uptown! Knauer Performing Arts Center, 266 North High St., West Chester, PA.


Outings ~ Carol told club members that there is an update to the Cowtown Rodeo outing on Saturday, May 25.  Jennifer Gidaro is taking charge of the outing as Dean Grantham is out of town.  If 20 or more people sign up for the outing, there will be a $10 discount per person.  Please bring cash to the rodeo so we can all pay and enter together.  Please let Jennifer know if you will be going and if you will be car pooling.  More information about the Cowtown Rodeo can be found here:  /club/Events_view.aspx?Eventid=497f8ead-f73d-47d3-a81f-8b47c1376b7d  


End-of-year party ~ Ginia Apostolacus told the club that 45 people have RSVP’d yes for the party.  She encouraged more people to sign up and wants everyone to state what food item they will bring to the party on the Evite invitation.


Members Forum ~ Anita Bower thanked all of the club members for participating in this year’s Members Forum.  She told the group that the theme for the 2019 Summer Challenge is MONOCHROME and an email will go out to club members to solicit their signing up for a summer of fun.  Anita also told the group that we hope to have Jennifer Guidaro’s presentation on shooting monochrome images posted to the CCCC website soon.  Paula Miller suggested that mentors/mentees should join in on the summer challenge outings; Anita said that they would need to sign up for the challenge.


Workshops ~ Carol reminded club members that the second Dance Workshop will take place on June 2.


Competition Themes ~ Bob Kelly told the club that an email is going out to members with potential competition themes for the 2020-2021 calendar year.  He wants members to cast their votes for next year’s assigned images. 

Bob also told the club that the judging rules will change for next year.  They will be as follows:

                   First place - 1-7 entries

                   Second place - 8-14 entries

                   Third place - 15-21 entries

                   Honorable Mention - 21-29 entries

                   Second Honorable Mention - 30+ entries

If there is only 1 photo entry in a category, there will be a new award level so as not to award a first place ribbon for a less-than-stellar image.                                          25-27 points - First place

                   22-24 points - Second place

                   18-21 points - Third place

Bob also told the club that we don’t want to have any confusion as to what is a monochrome image.  He defined it as “a photograph or picture developed or executed in black and white or in varying tones of only one color.”


Carol introduced tonight’s judge, Pam McLean-Parker.  The competition theme was “Decay & Decrepitude”.


Minutes submitted by Stephanie Vacek, Secretary

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