Stay-at-Home Photo Challenge

Monday, March 16, 2020

Hi Camera Clubbers!

When CoronaVirus deals you lemons, what should you do?  Why, take pictures of course! A silver lining to our current situation is that we now have no excuse to prevent us from learning more about photography and practicing our craft.  And since we are a club, let's do some practicing together.

As Howard mentioned in his email, we are introducing the "CCCC Stay-at-Home Photo Challenge".  We will put out a topic every two weeks while our meetings are in hiatus, and ask that you use your creativity and imagination to come up with one to three photographs of the topic to share on a gallery with other club members.  Let’s have some fun, and hopefully, learn more about our cameras, composition and processing. Think of this as a “virtual outing”.

Sixth Challenge: "Something Old or Unusual"

Fifth Challenge: "Patterns" 

Fourth Challenge: "Home Sweet Home"

Third Challenge: "Something Different"

Second Challenge: "Food and Drink" 

First Challenge: “Housebound”

Check all galleries on the website. under galleries / Club Outings and Events / 2019-2020 club year.   Scroll to the latest challenges (may be on second page of galleries)

You can interpret this anyway you like. It can be images of you in your jammies, your favorite pet, an item in your house (maybe lemons), your massive collection of toilet paper - whatever!   This is not a competition, rather it is an opportunity to practice, learn, and share. Just put your camera and your artistic talents to use and post one to three images to the CCCC gallery. Here’s how to do it:

There is a suggested deadline for each challenge, but in reality, you can post images to any of these galleries at any time.

1.   Go to…

2.   Make sure you’re logged in

3.   Hover over “My account” in the Menu Bar then scroll to and click

4.   “My galleries”

5.   find “Club Outings and Events” (click triangle sign to expand)

6.   “2019-2020 Club year” (click triangle sign to expand)

7.   Scroll to the current at-home challenge, which may be on Page 1 or a successive page depending on your computer screen size - the outings are listed in chronological order.  At-home challenges dates will be listed by their due-date and subject. The first challenge will be listed as “2020-03-29 Housebound”, the second one as "2020-04-12 Food and drink", etc.

8.   To the right of the correct outing click – “Edit and Upload Images”

9.   Click “Upload images into this gallery” (yes you sort of just did this in the previous step)

10.  Click “Select”

11.  Select one, two, or three photos from your computer you want to upload - you can select them all and then  

12.  Click “Save images and Proceed to Edit Page”

13.  If you already named your photos proceed to Step 14; otherwise change any metadata if you wish, like photo names.  The photo names will appear in the gallery.

14.  Click “Save any changes and return to the original page”


Have fun!  And remember, my favorite motto is: “Semper Gumby” (always be flexible)


-Betsy Wilson

CCCC publicity co-chair

CCCC webmaster

CCCC past-president

CCCC stuck-at-home like all of you and looking for lemons to photograph


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